Dj Dag     

Today DJ Dag is known as the ?Godfather of Trance?. His reputation is legendary and his sound is unique in the world.
In 1985 DJ Dag started his career as a DJ at the ?Music Hall? in Frankfurt. First he played there on Mondays because nobody else wanted to. Only after a few weeks, an average of about 500 people visited his events, without any promotion, only by being talked about. From time to time, he also worked as a light-jockey in the Music Hall. Later on, he played there on Tuesdays as well and finally at the weekend. After 2 years he quit due to problems with the management and accepted an offer from a small club, named ?Mirage? in Saarbrücken, where he spinned since the opening. After a quarter of a year he changed to the ?Aoxomoxoa? in Wiesbaden and then returned to Frankfurt, to the ?Vogue? (which was to become the legendary ?Omen? later on). ?Vogue? at that time was primarily a so-called ?schickimicki? (=more chic) club, so he got problems with the management about the techno sound he played, such as ?Nitzer Ebb?, ?Front 242?, ?Skinny Puppy? and so on, even though the auditory liked it.
His dream had always been to play in the big club of the Dorian Gray. In March 1988 it came through. After he had been working there as a light-jockey for a while, he took the heritage of Sven Väth in the big club, where he shared Sunday mornings with Thorsten Fenslau for 5 successful years.
Since the opening of the Dorian Gray in 1978 it had always been Dag?s absolute favourite Club. There he could play his sound, but again he got into problems with the management and the door-crew, so he quit in 1993. It was time for a change anyway. Only one day after he had left, Matthias Martinson, owner of the ?Omen? called him in order to engage him for Saturdays.
After the years at the Dorian Gray he never expected anything better, but actually he enjoyed the time at the Omen and being a member of the ?Omen-family? very much. They got on very well and he never had any difficulties with the management and the door and furthermore the party people were very enthusiastic.
At the same time he worked as a resident DJ at Club UK (the later Complex) in London as well, where he rocked the house once a month.
Then again, it was time for a change and to have a break. He and his wife Sabine emigrated to America.
Over there he worked as a resident DJ in a club called ?1015 Folsom? with a more commercial event called ?Nikita? on Fridays and a real underground event ?Spunday? on Sundays.
Homesickness made him return to Germany. Together with his wife and his daughter Suna, two dogs and two horses they lived out the dream which they had in America, back in Frankfurt.
After his return to Germany he worked as a resident DJ at the U60311 in Frankfurt, but at that time he didn?t really feel at home there, even though he had a lot of fun there as well. After one year, he again changed the club and went back to the Dorian Gray. In December 2000 the famous Dorian Gray closed and Dag and his family moved to Ibiza, where he worked as resident DJ at the ?Space? in 2001 as well as at the MTW in Germany at the same time. In addition to his long-term residencies the Dorian Gray, Omen and U60311, he has always spinned in many more clubs in Germany, other countries and continents.
Dag also supported the Indians with his famous "Sioux Support Parties", by distributing his fee to finance a project in South Dakota, where land should be bought in order to give it back to the Indians. He also made charity parties for a fund to rescue the rain forests and there are more support parties for new projects to come soon.
Since 1993 up to today Dag has always been resident at the HR3-Clubnight Radio Show. The HR3 Radio was the first broadcasting station to transmit techno music live mixes for three hours once a week.
Today he regularly works at the U60311 again and returns to Germany nearly every second weekend to play in different clubs all over the country.
As it can be seen from the discography below, as a producer Dag is very successful as well. With his project ?Dance 2 Trance? and the single ?Power of American Natives? he had his international break-through in 1993.