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AMIICCA real name Eicke Pieper was born in the middle of the ?80 in Cloppenburg, Germany.
He is regarded as a perfectionist and creative visionier.
Music has always been his passion and accompanied him in his whole life.

In high and in deep phases of his life was the Music always a point of affection for Detail.
His brother laid from the 90 years until today in many clubs and Europe. Eicke Pieper was always interested in how the music is created and the feeling of grabbing a song. In the middle of 2000 years, Eicke Pieper starts his first melodies in the small office of his flat.
The passion for more quickly developed. Over the years, he works piece by piece In tune with melodies and then composed them alone. In 2015, the name AMIICCA came from Latin.

Previously, he worked in his own clubs called MARIO DILANO. Until 2017, he produced as a ghost producer and participated in several projects.
Produced since 2018 AMIICCA for themselves and publish these songs themselves. The productions are made in Germany, Holland and Italy.
The label Soundzgood NL releases until today AMIICCA`s songs. AMIICCA is always on the lookout for the perfect sounds and melodies.


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