Elmar Strathe

As a child, Elmar Strathe was curious about instruments and music in general. He developed a taste for the drums, the piano and the guitar. Elmar also played in an accordian orchester for ten years. By total accident one night, Elmar ended up at a techno party. From that moment of experiencing techno for the first time, he knew that there was no point of return. And his journey as a DJ began.

After his first DJ gigs at Butan club in Wuppertal (Germany), he became a regular DJ at clubs such as: Tor3 (Düsseldorf, Germany), Suppkultur (Koblenz, Germany) and Base (Sinzig, Germany). Elmar then attracted the attention of DJ Rush who later invited him to play at his birthday parties in 2004 and 2005.
If someone asked Elmar to describe his sound one would mostly recieve a single worded answer: ?Techno.? But the truth is, his style is influenced by so many different styles of music that one could not simply put him neatly into any one catagory of music.

In 2004, Elmar, together with Axel Stadler aka Brainchild, founded the internet platform: We-Want-More...., which was primarily an internet radio station and party organization.

In 2006, Elmar was added to the Dancefield roster for bookings and management. The next step for Elmar was producing. His first success came in January 2007 with the release of, ?Odic Force?, under the name ?d-noize?. This track was a remix for D.Diggler (Resopal records). His next remix project, ?Microphones? by DJ LaSeo (from Hamburg, Germany), came out in November of 2008.

Elmar has built up an impressive resume of clubs and international events that he has played:

Nature One/Century Circus 2008 (Germany)
Loveparade 2006/2007 (Germany)
Global Gathering 2009 (Poland)
Creamfield 2009 (Czech Republic)
Alpha Festival 2007 (Schwerin, Germany)
Ruhr in Love 2005-2009 (Germany)
MixeryDancefield (Germany)
Cologne Drums (Cologne, Germany)
Airport (Würzburg, Germany)
Butan (Wuppertal, Germany)
U 60311 (Frankfurt, Germany)
Tor 3 (Düsseldorf, (Germany)
S38 (Koblenz, Germany)
and many more...

At the end of 2008, an introduction Paris Creighton aka Paris Haze by a mutal friend led to the 2009 productions of ?Follow me.? and ?NonSense?. Both releases are forthcoming on DEBOX records (Berlin/Köln, Germany). The two producers and Djs are busily working on follow ups to their first releases together.