DJ Lucca - First Album - Reformation

Finally it’s ready, the debut artist album of the most known czech DJane Lucca from Prague will be released on 08th December 2008. Firstly Reformation will be released exclusively on Beatport and from february 2009 you will find it as special edition in your favourite record stores. The special edition includes further tracks of Lucca that are refined with guitar riffs of the czech musiclegend Michal Pavlicek. That will give the album a special touch.

Reformation stands for the groth of Lucca personally and as DJane. Every track of the album reflects a story of Luccas life, that is what makes the album very characteristically. Every single stands for itself and have it’s own identity. To build a common identity with this very specific and unique tracks was the aim of this album. So every listener of the album will be sendet on a journey through Luccas life.

Reformation is a 13-track album and shows a broad range of dance music. It takes Lucca´s favourite elements from all different genre’s of dance. Lucca brings a new spirit on the worldwide dancefloors with her progressive techno peppered with pumping electro beatz and fine minimal sounds. Lucca‘s inspiration comes from productions of deep dish and chemical brothers.

One of Lucca’s favourite tracks on the album is ‚Hundertwasser‘ a brand new track, which can be described as a funky nu minimal trance, it’s 130 bpm and very bassheavy. Moreover Lucca really likes the tracks ‚Noise Tone‘ and ‚Teleport‘, ‚Noise Tone‘ is more in a minimal style and ‚Teleport‘ is a powerfull funky techno sound. For ‚Recommended Sister‘ Lucca got insprirations and influences by the sound of Deep Dish. But ‚Crank’ is a bit different style then the rest of the album, it’s a progressive house track.

Lucca will release Reformation on her own label Sound Of Acapulco.