Oliver Moldan Pres Prawler : Childish EP

Oliver Moldan Pres Prawler : Childish EP

Label - Prawler Music
Genre - Tribal House
Cat Number - PRA001
Release Date - 20th April 2009


> Childish

> Amelia

> One Drunken Indian

Prawler Music is the new label from Tribehouse resident and long-standing tech-house hero, Oliver Moldan.

Taking its name from Oliver’s production alias, Prawler Music will provide a dedicated outlet for the darker, innovative productions that have seen Oliver’s music feature on Bedrock and Audio Therapy

This debut release sees Oliver present three diverse productions. Lead track Childish is the sort of mid-set groove that often characterizes Oliver’s DJ sets. Carefully structured to create the maximum tension by amalgamating layers of chunky tribal beats with a low droning bassline and an ethereal vocal snippet.

Heavily percussive with a shuffling groove and swinging beats Amelia rattles along with a funked up bounce in its step; showing Oliver is about more than dark pounding late night room shakers. A simply constructed record using a relatively small selection of well-matched elements to create an energetic DJ friendly track.

Rounding off the package is One Drunk Indian, which continues the tribal feel of the EP. Beating out a relentless groove with a slight industrial tinged rhythm the vibe is one of rolling energy but with a mesmerizing, hypnotic quality thanks to the chopped up vocal sampler that evolves and develops throughout the track

For more information visit http://myspace.com/prawlermusic