New ATB Album -

ATB released his new album "Future Memories" on Kontor Records on 01st May 2009.

ATB: “Unlike the last album, which was very much based on classic songwriting and real instruments, “Future Memories“ has more of a focus on keyboards and synthesizers again. I wanted to get back to my roots in electronic sounds.“

“Future Memories“ features four tracks which clock in at over 165 beats per minute. Anyone who thinks this signals a departure into hardcore or techno by ATB would be mistaken. In spite of their high speed, these songs still have that essential ATB soul.

“Future Memories“ contains 26 tracks on two CDs. One with driving, melodic club music, the other in a more ambient style.

In the context of the album ATB will off course do a worldtour again.

Here the German Dates:
30.04.09 Mayday, Dortmund
02.05.09 Flame, Parchim
15.05.09 Dragenpark, Freiberg am Neckar
16.05.09 Bosaarium, Bosen
30.05.09 Starlight, Chemnitz
31.05.09 Agostea, Koblenz

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