ATB on Pan American Tour

In September/ October ATB will visit the USA for a 3 weeks tour.

Have a look at following Date´s:

Date: 25.09.09
City: Guatemala City
Venue: Dembossa

Date: 26.09.09
City: San Salvador
Venue: International Convention Center

Date: 30.09.09
City: Anaheim
Venue: Club Heat

Date: 02.10.09
City: San Diego
Venue: The Ivy

Date: 03.10.09
City: San Frisco
Venue: Ruby Skye

Date: 04.10.09
City: Las Vegas
Venue: Moon Club

Date: 08.10.09
City: San Antonio
Venue: Club Rio

Date: 09.10.09
City: Houston
Venue: Rich´s

Date: 10.10.09
City: Dallas
Venue: The Lizard Lounge

Date: 12.10.09
City: Oklahoma City
Venue: City Walk

Date: 15.10.09
City: Nashville
Venue: Club Play

Date: 16.10.09
City: St. Louis
Venue: Lure

Date: 17.10.09
City: Chicago
Venue: Vision
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