Felix Kröcher DISCOVER - CD compilation & worldtour

Who has experienced him wants to experience him again, especially that what he does to you, weekend after weekend, night after night, set after set and track after track.

Felix Kröcher, a solid contributor to “techno made in Germany” for the past years, is far more than only a statement spiced up with some music. He is an institution which turns the night into bright day, which makes you not only hear the music but also feel the music, and where music is much more than only a 4/4 beat. After conquering the decks and electronic hearts of Europe in the last ten years, the boy from Frankfurt has now developed a constantly growing interest in all the dance addicts across the ocean and all around the globe.

So now he sets out to rediscover the world. Equipped with a lot of groovy techno tracks, a good spirit and his gift of transforming his audience into a hypnotic state of dance, he has chosen a more than fitting name for his journey:


Not only the famous FK flag will be with Felix on his travels, but also a special treat for the fans coming to his shows. For this tour Felix has recorded his new mix compilation “DISCOVER”, and captured his eagerness to present his sets all over the world onto two mixed CD’s.

The compilation is available at your favourite record or online store from now.