ATB - le voyage abstrait deluxe

Experience an abstract voyage into your inner self, steered by your own dreams and fantasies. Accompanied by sounds ranging from classical to ambient and electronic music, you travel through millions of light years in just a few seconds and can set your eyes on parts of the cosmos you have never seen before. This year, Raphaël Marionneau, Thomas Kraupe and Simon Böttcher are proud to invite Andre Tanneberger a.k.a. ATB. Since more than 10 years, ATB is a reference in the international dance scene and one of the best German exports. Since many years, Andre Tanneberger is considered as one of the best DJ worldwide and is ranked as world number 4 according to

Each year, Raphaël Marionneau invites very spezial guests of the club, classical or electronical culture to give their interpretation of his musical journey. During 2 shows of 90 minutes each, they redefine all together this cosmos trip and play a exclusive set for a very spezial night. Simply deluxe.

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