Lucca is Djing again...

One of the hottest female Dj over last ten years is coming back after pregnancy break.

Her last gig was in Poland in February 2010, when she was in 4th month of pregnancy already. Her comeback was planned for approximately 6 months after the date of birth, but due to some really nice events, she will start earlier. It's for sure she missed her Dj gigs and all her fans across the globe. She was barely at home during weekends in last ten years of her Dj career, so not playing around was a big change. This break was a must for her baby son, but also a nice chance to refresh, to attend, use, things!

One of these new things are for sure some top dj "toys" which she's going to use on upcoming gigs. Additional "why" we are all excited to hear playing her live! Beside this Lucca is all the time taking care of her label Sound Of Acapulco, chasing for new names, quality tracks and of course producing her own tracks as well. The news to mention is for sure a licensed track "Boy From Ipanema" for Carl Cox's latest compilation "The Revolution Continues Ibiza 2010". Lucca is also preparing her new, animated videoclip in cooperation with Eallin Studio, for her new track Japan Sugar Boogie. Hopefully will be out in autumn this year.

Like we mention..there are some nice upcoming events where Lucca played earlier than planned. Her first exceptional performance was scheduled for 14th and 25th of September in Bratislava (Slovakia) and Prague (Czech Republic) alongside David Guetta.

Other offers for autumn season were postopned and set for end of this year. In the calendar is already confirmed gig at one of her favourite festivals in Luxembourg where she will open her foreign gigs in 2011.

Latest promo mix: