ATB // THE DJ 6 - In The Mix

Andre Tanneberger is not only a highly gifted producer and songwriter, but most notablyhe is one of the best and most successful DJs worldwide – and that for already over a decade. Almost no other DJ knows how to put his own songs in the sets and skillfully combines them with current hits of the dance and club scene. His performances are unique and memorable. André manages to capture the feeling and atmosphere of his work on CD with his DJ compilation series “ATB The DJ – In The Mix”. Rounding off the years nicely, the 6th installment of his outstanding DJ edition is ready for release. Just like its predecessor, this compilation will be released as a 3CD set (with a corresponding download package).

CD 1 and 2 as usual reflect his current DJ style and favourite tracks as featured in his latest set list. Of course there will be a brand new ATB track called “Twisted Love” and exclusive ATB mixes (including a new mix of “Ecstasy”) which have already been globally celebrated by his fans.

CD 3 presents a dexterously compiled ATB classix mix. Once again he comes up with a masterful blend of sounds and styles, all with the unmistakable ATB mark of excellence.

The official Minimix is available at: