Takkyu Ishino - Cuise EP (Müller Records)

Where to start about this multitasking Artist from Japan? Denki Groove, Berlin Trax, the Wire Festival ( asias biggest Indoor festival ), countless Projects and productions. Takkyu has been on the scene since the early days. Funky Techno, Clubtools, Techno. But, Takkyus records haven’t been available in Europe for quite a long time.

From now on Mueller Records will release the music of this outstanding Japanese artist in Europe. His first release on Mueller, "Takkyu Ishino - Cuise", which is one of the best selling Techno Records in Japan, will be available on Müller Records at the end of February. As special it has one exclusive Track more than the Japanese version. Furthermore the strongest 4 Trax from "Cuise" will be release on Vinyl.

Play it loud ! – good for you !

Takkyu Ishino - Cuise EP (Mueller Records 2072-2)

Release: end of February

Style: finest Techno


1. Feb4
2. Spring Divide
3. Spin out
4. Hukkle
5. Arek
6. Y.H.F
7. 7th Tiger