Welcome Tomcraft

Dancefield is proud to welcome one of the early pioneers of electronic music, Tomcraft.

His recognised hit “Loneliness” that was released in 2002 may have been responsible in part for this when it shot straight to pole position in the British sales charts.

In October 2003 TOMCRAFT set up his first independent label, Great Stuff Recordings, followed by Craft Music in 2005, on which national and international acts such as GusGus, The Egg, Rockers Hi-Fi, Lützenkirchen and Oliver Koletzki released records and the imprint with its high-quality tunes which went on to become the most popular in the world in the shortest possible time. The range is as varied and open-minded here as with TOMCRAFT himself and in this way the one-time trancer has long since become a musical polyglot with ambitions from Techno to Electro.

All this and the fact that TOMCRAFT has always remained as he was when he started his career and to whom the glitter of stardom is alien and his wife and children sacred, have made him a very popular figure in the German electronic music scene. His down-to-earth nature and his constant efforts to take himself and his music one level further guarantee many interesting developments to come – on both the decks and in the studio.