Beroshima // Horizon // Remix Contest // Müller Records

Muller Records wants you to be part of the Beroshima Remix contest. We are looking for some new Techno Jedi. The track we choose to be remixed is nothing less than Beroshima´s


Originally released on Mueller Records it was signed by Sven Väth for his Cocoon label. Beside the Cocoon release with an additional Pig & Dan remix a third release was done with Soma Records from the UK presenting the great Funk D´void Remix and two more remixes by Beroshima and Frank Muller himself.

Currently all this tracks are not available anymore on Vinyl. The original will be re-released plus your remix, should it be choosen as our favourite Remix. Not all remixes will make it on Vinyl, but will be released exclusive on Beatport and promoted by our Media Partners.

Please leave your personal data and download a ZIP file that contains all samples from Horizon:

Feel free to use it in any way. At least you should use some samples from the Original. In case of using another sample that is not provided by us you declare that you are the owner of the copyright and fully responsible for using it.

Feel free to compose, add Sounds and Sequences or whatever.... musically there are no rules but please keep in mind that we are a label that releases electronic music :-)

Please finish the remix until 30th of April !

The required format is mp3 (192 kbps minimum). Please upload the remix to any data transmitting service and send us the download link to

Will you be "the choosen one" and become a true TECHNO JEDI ?

May the force be with you.