Franksen & Tom Wax – Full House

After several releases in 2009 on Plastic City, Katchuli Records (by 8Bit Records-mastermind Gorge) or US Deephouse Label Salted Music, which is run by Deephouse-Legend Miguel Migs and in 2010 on Suara, Komm Mit Musik, Amused Records, Dieb.Audio and BCBtec the two sound lovers from Frankfurt / Germany are ready to show their collected works on their first longplayer “Full House”, that will be out on 1 April 2011 on Plastic City Records.

While Tom Wax took his way via techno und electro from scratch in the late 80s, Franksen loves his 90s house und US deephouse structures. Their fusion: Driving house and techhouse beats, organic percussions, electronic funk or global vibes, it’s all in there. The strict goes with the playful, the rhythmic with the melodic and the organic with the electronic. The double Mix CD boasts a wide range of house- und techhouse flavours. The album’s title is programmatic.

Everything goes! apart from arrange and composition which clearly hone electronic programming and function it is their talent to tell a little story within each track and let the sounds travel with your mind.

Both CDs are carefully mixed by Franksen & Tom Wax and so all of this is even more palpable. Please enter the „Full House“!

Here you can listen to the release:

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