Eric Sneo presents his new label // Mudra Audio

Music for the clubs with soul, energy and remarkable themes could be a short description for the philosophy of the new label „Mudra-Audio“. In the more concrete terms oft the musical styles, it would be in between techhouse and techno.

The beatdisaster crew (Udo Niebergall & Eric Sneo) and the Spielstaub crew (Carsten Schorr & Micha) fused into a strong team, which is based on their experiences in music business for a long time.

The many releases of Eric Sneo will characterize the label in sound and direction and he also will present the tracks during his DJ and live tours to a huge audience. In addition to that, there will be releases and remixes from well-known artists from the scene.

A strong DJ, club and magazine promotion, releases on vinyl oft he most successful themes and short trailers on YouTube and the label sites will present the label and its releases.

You can listen to the first upcoming release „Eric Sneo – Percussive Moves“, which is out now at: