Moonbeam // The Secret

Driving. Atmospheric. Epic. Russian techno-trance-progressive duo MOONBEAM have had their music described in myriad ways, though what's certain is that there is ecstatic swooning on a dancefloor when their tunes are ped. Comprising of brothers VITALY and PAVEL KHVALEEV, the DJs/producers MOONBEAM release their third full-length studio album THE SECRET (Moonbeam Digital) which is available from now, worldwide.

Following their previous studio albums - 2010's Around The World (Black Hole) and 2008's Consumption (Soundz) - the bar was set high for THE SECRET. An artistic journey, THE SECRET is haunting, downright sensuous, minimal, and at times highly charged. Throughout it all, the album is brilliant in its cinematic scope and willingness to inhabit the realm where dreams and consciousness bleed into one.

The album is available from now at your favorite record and online store.




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