Time Warp 2012 with Felix Kröcher

Only 2 days remaining before the Maimarkthalle in Mannheim, Germany open the doors for no other event than the legendary Time Warp.

World famous electronic music artists, the state-of-the-art in video, lighting and laser technology, a magnet for techno fans from all over the world - all of this is Time Warp in Mannheim. But Time Warp is much more than just the pure combination of music and technology. It is also a joyous come-together of the international techno scene and represents a fixed meeting place for the Time Warp community that has been formed across national borders with one thing in common: an immeasurable great love for electronic music.

In the middle of the action and of course involved as DJ Felix Kröcher who is already looking forward to rock the Maimarkthalle with you.

Celebrate with him at Floor 5 from 23:30 to 01:00 o'clock.

The full time table is available at:


So don’t miss your chance to be part of this massive event and get one of the last tickets for Time Warp here: