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ATB - Sunset Beach DJ Session 2 (2 CD & download version) // OUT NOW // Kontor Records

André Tanneberger is one of the masterminds of the international music scene. For the past two decades he has not only been one of the world’s finest and most successful DJs, but also a gifted songwriter and producer. With eight lauded studio albums to his name, a “best of” CD and DVD, seven mix compilations and countless hit singles, ATB has a quite remarkable CV to reflect his successful career as musician and DJ. Last year, his most recent album “Distant Earth” was the latest release of his to conquer the top ten of the sales charts in Germany.

Latterly, on his studio LPs and the “Sunset Beach DJ Session” series which he launched in 2010, André Tanneberger has revealed another of his musical passions alongside melodic, pulsating club music, namely ambient. “I love ambient and really like listening to it. I have been creating songs in this genre for years. It’s great fun and I find it relaxing,” ATB explains.

“I received so much positive feedback following the release of the first Sunset Beach DJ Session, which showed me that listening to the compilation conjures up a unique atmosphere of sun, sea and beach, not only for me but for others as well. Music is a deeply emotional medium, capable of creating a certain mood in people. I was delighted that the first edition of the Sunset Beach DJ Session series was able to elicit such a positive mood,” the artist continues.

Consequently, ATB now presents to us a new edition of the artist compilation series ATB “Sunset Beach DJ Session”. As on the first, the second volume features an exquisite selection of brand new club tracks on CD1, expertly mixed by André into a complete ATB DJ set. CD2 presents an overview of the finest tracks in the genre with a fantastic blend of current tracks and timeless classics. Once again, André’s finely-tuned ear for the perfect juxtaposition of songs matches his mix skills, perfected over the years.

Naturally, “Sunset Beach DJ Session 2” also showcases brand new ATB tracks. Each of the two discs promises three new and exclusive ATB Tracks. “Together with my friend Rudi Dittmann a.k.a. Josh Gallahan and the man behind the RuDee and Anova pseudonyms, I produced the club track “ATB with Rudee feat. Ramona Nerra – In And Out Of Love” and the chill out song “ATB feat. Anova – Sunset Beach”, both of which can be found on the compilation,” André explains.

“I have taken the plunge and had a first go at a chill out track for Sunset Beach DJ Session 2, produced together with Amurai who is an unbelievably talented producer. I really enjoy working with him on new ideas. Even though he is based in Los Angeles, internet makes it possible to work together intensively, no matter how far apart we are geographically,” he adds.

“Add to that the fact that I came back from my latest gigs with so many ideas, tracks like “All You Took” and “With You!” more or less happened over night. I am really happy to be offering so many new ATB tracks to my fans on the new compilation,” André enthuses.

“Sunset Beach DJ Session 2” sees ATB take his listeners “on a musical journey, like at my gigs”. Not only his fans will love it – this album is a must for anyone’s summer trip.

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ATB - Sunset Beach DJ Session 2 (2 CD + Download Version)
Kontor Records

ATB feat. Ramona Nerra
Never Give Up
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