Tomcraft feat. Sister Bliss - "Supersonic" out now on Beatport

Tomcraft feat. Sister Bliss - "Supersonic"

Tomcraft always had a knack for great collaborations, and he's hit the ball out of the park again this time, getting founding member of Faithless, Sister Bliss, in front of the microphone for an epic, dark, club monster that has been a highlight of his DJ set for months.

Whether in South America or Europe, festival crowds just lose the plot when they hear this track. The combination of hedonistic lyrics – “We are all gods of the digital age”, “We are supersonic” – with the fattest Tomcraft bassline in decades guarantees wall-to-wall intoxication. At the latest when the big break comes the DJ is looking out over a sea of raised hands.

Releases normally come with remixes, but in this case Kosmo Records has decided against other interpretations. This track is a statement: “We are supersonic.”

Here the link from Beatport: