dancefield welcomes Sven Wittekind

We are very proud to welcome SVEN WITTEKIND to our dancefield family.

Sven is with no doubt one of the most famous German Techno artists. Started in 1999 as hobby musician he already gets his first official record release at Overdrive Records in 2002. Since this time he played at all major clubs and big festival stages in Europe. In 2009 Sven updated his own label Infliced Records to SICK WEIRD ROUGH Records he still use today to release his latest grooving and pumping Techno tunes.

Over the past years also his Techno sound developed from hard and rolling to groovy and pulsating beats. A musical development, which proved that his sound is always up to date, but also authentical Sven Wittekind.

You want a sample about Svens' latest, groovy sound?