ATB // North America Bus Tour // November 2012

ATB // North America Bus Tour // November 2012

Once again, ATB travels to the US for his famous three-week long North American Bus Tour. He will play ten gigs: eight in the US, and two in Canada.


8 // Pacha // New York // USA

9 // Ram's Head // Baltimore // USA

10 // Phoenix // Charlotte // USA

15 // The Vogue // Indianapolis // USA

16 // Elektricity // Pontiac // USA

17 // Aragon Ballroom // Chicago // USA

21 // Gypsy Bar // Boston // USA

22 // Rendezvous // Buffalo // USA

23 // New City Gas // Montreal // Canada

24 // Guvernment // Toronto // Canada


“My bus tour is always a highlight in my yearly tour schedule. For more than 10 years, I have been doing these bus tours regularly and every time, I feel a little bit like a rock star. I fly into the US, hop on the ATB bus, and travel from city to city. It’s so amazing to be able to travel through this beautiful country and take in all the unique sights and sounds that I wouldn’t have experienced if I had chosen to fly.

For example, my press pictures of “No Silence” – an album released in 2004 – are the results of a US bus tour.” says ATB.

Also on this bus tour is his friend and studio-partner, rudee aka Josh Gallahan, who will be direct support for ATB on these shows.

I’m very happy that Andre has asked me once again to play as his support DJ on this North American tour. This year, we released some really cool tunes together, such as our latest single “ATB with rudee feat. Ramona Nerra – In And Out Of Love”. I’m really looking forward to playing on this tour with Andre and to celebrate with so many fans in North America. It’s always an awesome feeling because we are greeted by a fantastic crowd every time.

Of course, ATB tours with his latest release ATB Sunset Beach DJ Session 2 including the two singles ATB feat. Ramona Nerra – Never Give Up as well as ATB with rudee feat Ramona Nerra – In And Out Of Love.