dancefield welcomes Frank Kvitta

Another famous, international Techno artist joins our dancefield roster.

Please welcome...

Frank Kvitta, this name stands for high quality performances, productions and professional artist and label management.

Amazed by a mixtape he found of Sven Väth 1994, he started beeing interested in electronic music. Frank started mixing his own demo tapes for friends and several clubs where he started playing some gigs end of the 90´s. Then Frank also got interested in producing his own tracks and recorded some demos. One demo was given to "DJ Rush" and he discovered Frank´s talent and started to support him.
As one of the most booked german based techno artist, he is playing now worldwide all important club and festival gigs from Japan through Europe, to North, Middle and South America. He founded the labels "Bullshit Records", "Frank Kvitta Records", "Techtronic" and "Unknown Power". On these labels he releases his own music and also music of his friends and well chosen newcomers.

In the past and of course still now, he released many releases on labels like Kne´Deep, Abstract, Kombination Research, Nachtstrom, Alphabet, Highball and many more. Also he mixed many mix CD´s like the official Q-Base mix cd 2009, Hardtechno Vol. 3 by Abstract and many more.

Today Frank Kvittas' style is unique, energetic, powerful and for every lover of electronic music, not only for the harder section, as he shows in his latest recorded set:

Frank Kvitta is available for booking exclusively and worldwide at dancefield from now.