dancefield welcomes Marika Rossa

dancefield heartily welcomes Ukraines Techno DJane No. 1,

Marika Rossa

Her strong performances have taken her to Kiev's top night clubs and across whole Ukraine and Europe. Residency's at Saxon and Forsage club (voted Ukraine's #1 2008-2011) and countless showcases at Kazantip Festival has allowed her to polish her craft to near perfection. It’s her image that appears at once on everyone’s mind, when speaking about Kazantip festival. Marika’s photos and videos always feature different kinds of magazines and websites referring to this summer event in Ukraine.

In 2011 and 2012 she has been rated as the #1 female techno dj of Ukraine. Being a resident of the Kiev’s most beloved party “Fresh Cut Event” (voted Ukraine’s #1 2011) Marika is becoming one of the most recognizable Kiev female djs , and is making a considerable impact in the process.

In March 2010 Marika has joined the legendary “Italo Business” label with the “Loppestein” track, produced together with Dandi & Ugo. It was included into their new album “Fritto Misto”, released at the end of March on “Italo Business” label. Then it was followed by such releases as “Sexy Shop”, “E Buradel” and a remix to the “Masai” track by Vuk Smiljanic.

At the same time, together with her friend and colleague dj Alexandr Galickiy, she’s working on the “Fresh Cut” show, which broadcasts every Thursday on, providing the listeners with the most fresh and uplifting sounds.

With her hard work, enthusiasm, and creativity Marika Rossa is certainly a rising star that should not be missed.

Welcome @ dancefield!