Tomcraft - "20 Years" 2CD Album - OUT NOW

1992. Bill Clinton is elected President. Most clubs are dancing to Dr. Alban and Snap and there are still girls out there wearing leggings.

It's also the year in which teenager Thomas Brückner gains his first experience as a DJ, under the pseudonym "Tomcraft". The Techno and Rave movement is young. White Labels over 145 bpm are the measure of all things, and all the protagonists at the turntables and the underground labels put together only make up a cosy little community.

Now, more than two decades later, Tomcraft is still rocking on the DJ platform; he's merely traded in vinyl for CDs, and he can rightfully claim to have been a driving force behind the history of electronic music in the last 20 years – as a DJ, as a producer and as a label manager.

- As a DJ he has performed in virtually every major club and at every festival of note. His journey has taken him from Berlin's Love Parade, with more than a million ravers, to world tours with gigs in Singapore, Tokyo, Los Angeles, Sao Paulo, Rio, Cape Town, San Francisco and all the major cities in Europe.

- As a producer Tomcraft has been releasing tracks for 20 years that not only move dance floors around the world but also accomplish the leap onto the radio and the sales charts. His worldwide hit "Loneliness" is already today one of the very rare true classics of club history.
In addition, his often surprising collaborations with artists from other genres, such as with the Bloodhound Gang vocalist Jimmy Pop, the German soul sensation Xavier Naidoo, the American Tommie Sunshine, the rapper Sido and the Faithless co-founder Sister Bliss have over time become his trademark.

- And finally as a label manager. In 2003 he co-founded Great Stuff Recordings, now one of the best-known club labels in the scene. He has brought out acts the likes of Lützenkirchen, Oliver Koletzki, Coburn, The Egg and Ramon Tapia and led them to where they stand today.
Each one of these talents would be impressive enough on its own, but the combination is what makes Tomcraft. How has he managed to not only survive in such a fast-moving and fickle business, but to have remained, or even become more than ever, a dominating player?

The magic word is relevance. You can recognise a Tomcraft production, or the "Tomcraft sound", pretty much from the very first bar of music. On walking into a club you can immediately hear if a Tomcraft DJ set is playing, and even visually Tomcraft is unmistakable at the consoles. Wherever he is at work, Tomcraft is authentic and unique, quite simply "Tomcraft".

In an age when many of the younger DJs just copy or get lost in the quest for their own trademark, that is his magic formula. And with the worldwide dance boom in full swing, Tomcraft is now more active and high profile than ever.

With releases like "The Noyz", "Supersonic" and "Loneliness 2K13" Tomcraft has been loudly announcing the arrival of his new album "20 Years" since summer 2012, which will have its worldwide release in early 2013. And live, too, Tomcraft leaves no room for doubt and is taking off on a global club tour, right on time for his album release.

20 years of Tomcraft – and going stronger than ever.

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