Tomcraft - "You Got 2 Know" - OUT NOW!

20 years at the decks, 5 studio albums, a plethora of club hits: there is good reason why Tomcraft has long been one of the biggest influences in his field. And now this: Tomcraft has chosen six songs that had a particular impact on him in the course of his DJ career, and pays tribute to them and their creators with his own interpretations.

Tomcraft's EP "Reference" isn't scheduled for release until autumn 2013, but with the first single we are given a taste of what to expect from it:

Capella's "U Got 2 Know", with its hymnal chords, is transported into 2013. When it came out in the early 90s, it was a massive main floor track, and Tomcraft's re-work this summer has exactly the same effect. He has revamped the old synthesizer melody with a vocal sample and pimped it with a progressive House beat. The result is a club epic that once again screams main floor. A guaranteed club hit that transforms a 90s evergreen into one of the hottest tracks of 2013.

Well done, Tom!


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