dancefield welcomes Arkus P.

Dancefield is very pleased to bid Arkus P. welcome to the dancefield family.


As a technical interested young guy, Peter started to buy hardware stuff and lots of records. This special interest in hardware will pay off some years later... Not for nothing he will be announced some years later as best liveact in one of the most popular electronic music magazines.

After a while he decided to start his own record labels: Friendly Fire, with tracks from big names of the Hard Techno scene, and Arcussinus, focused in his own tracks.

Arkus P started playing at some of the most important clubs and festivals of the world such as Monegros (ES), Nature One (DE) or Love Parade (DE). But he didn't show his talent as a performer only, he also did as a producer, so he released records like "Protonenpower" and "Call my name" on Abstract and Systemcalls

In the year 2006 the two djs and producers were announced as best live act(#4) and best album(#7) and in 2007 Arkus released “Musical Prostitutes” on T:Classics, an album created by the mixture of hard beats ans melodic sequences; it was a new success.

2012 was a year full of changes for Arkus P. He joined forces with Dj Lukas and released the album “Forever Young” , a great LP full of classic Hard Techno sounds and new unforgettable tracks. He also started a new project with the German Dj & Producer O.B.I. , a great live! act where both shared their great skills and an incredible knowledge about Hard Techno genre. They played together for first time at Nature One (DE).