Djax it Up 25th Anniversary Tour 2014 - BE A PART OF IT

Celebrate with us the power of the underground!

For the last quarter of a century, one of the most famous and successful record labels, Djax Records, has introduced us to some of the most renewing beats in techno and acid history. Djax Records is proud to announce its 25th anniversary celebration in the form of an international Djax it Up tour.

This tour will include all the classic Djax ingredients: The best international (hard)techno artists such as Miss Djax, PetDuo, Fatima Hajji or Candy Cox, a dark underground atmosphere, the best visuals, a professional trailer and aftermovie, Djax merchandise and the overall unique Djax it Up experience.

For reference please check the trailer above, if you need a picture of what to expect. Needless to say, the celebration of 25 years of this amazing label will be even more spectacular!

Available artists:

Miss Djax
Fatima Hajji
Du `Art
Patrick DSP
Candy Cox
DJ Lukas and Fernanda
Daniela Haverbeck
Mike Drama
DJ Bold

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