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It sounds like an invitation. Living.LIFE. Live the life. An invitation, which Elmar Strathe likes to follow with his playful and atmospheric techno. Techno is already in everyone’s daily life, as it is an element that surrounds us steadily and impressively proves that techno isn’t over by a long shot. It can escort you and represent the day like a soundtrack, as Elmar expresses with the 13 titles in his upcoming debut album, Living.LIFE, which will be released exclusively at Beatport on the 20th of December 2013.

“For every atmosphere and situation of the day I created a track. You wake up, snap yourself up, get on the road doing this or that, have your to-do list, which has to be handled over the day, then in the evening you come back home exhausted but content, possibly relax, meet friends, talk, swap ideas until you fall tiredly into your bed”.

After all, the name of the album stands for more than a short-term daily routine, and for more than a year Elmar worked on the creation of all 13 titles, which arose from a completely different intention.

“I’ve looked for a new musical challenge and had the idea to create a live act, which I produced during the next months. Finally the live program was ready and I had tons of brand new loops that I had produced by myself. I played this set at home a couple of times and thought to myself, “well I spent quite a lot of time for the production, why not arrange the loops… and back into the studio I went”.

A platform for this passionate and hard working album was found very fast with Elmar’s own 5D record label. Despite the very young history, the label already enjoys the support of firm techno artists like Richie Hawtin.

“This is awesome; I have the possibility to realize my idea of quality-techno in a type of debut album that is my own platform. And this with strong and well-known support. My label partner Florian Frings and I are really proud.”

The course has been set, the album is ready, now what comes next?

“After 10 years in Cologne, the time has come for new impulses. Berlin is one of the top locations for electronic music in the world, where creativity and quality come together. Now I have the opportunity, and so starts the adventure! Starting with four months, then let’s see what may come... I’ve still got a lot of stuff in pipeline.“

Exclusively available on Beatport from today:

Elmar Strathe - living.LIFE


01. Bauchgefühl (4:44)
02. Ready (7:14)
03. Pusher (7:24)
04. Background Athmos (4:37)
05. mornings.LIFE (sleepless part I) (6:12)
06. Dancing Electronics (7:56)
07. Extracting (6:22)
08. Endrich (6:39)
09. living.LIFE (sleepless part II) (5:28)
10. Swinging Blows (5:01)
11. Peakturn (5:33)
12. celebrating.LIFE (sleepless part III) (5:44)
13. Inside / Freakout (6:13)