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Over the last few years EDM has evolved into more than just a trend. For a long time now it has been an unstoppable movement of joy powered by it’s protagonists, producers, trendsetters and alpha leaders. It’s names are countless just like the massive output that tries to capture the dancefloor. It has become a musical crusade, which searches for heroes that are mostly found in special moments. Now, we are in the year 2014 as one of these young heroes, born in Berlin and grown up in Hamburg, has matured in many clubs and festivals all over the world with his irresistible ways. Beyond the warm-ups, low beats, and composition sets, there is just one adequate name for his studio album:


It is more than just a musical statement for Falko Niestolik, even though it is his first album, which will be released on WePlay Music on the 2nd of May, he presents himself and his driving sound with no less than 17 tracks. “In fact there are 13 titles and four exclusive remixes by Maison & Dragen, Laserkraft 3D, Tony Romera, Filip Riva and Toni Del Gardo“, says Falko.

“In principle the titles were put forth over an extended period. When the idea of creating an album came through I already had six titles which should have been released as singles, but neither our label nor our partner were able to publish so many tracks in a row or even at the same time, so the WePlay label boss, Stefan Dabruck, and myself decided to collect some more tracks and create an album out of them. Four intensive studio months elapsed, and the other seven PEAKTIME-fitted tracks saw release.“

In this time, Falko did not only sit alone in his studio, but he also combined his sound with international names like Grammy award nominated DJ Jean Elan, Madfish, BK Duke, Dohr & Mangold, and singer Deborah Lee, as well as Jason Ceasar. “My aim was a pure PEAKTIME album where every track & edit should have the quality to be released as a single with no filling material, nor intros & outros, just danceable stuff for the main time on the dancefloor.“

Furthermore, Falko takes an uncommon approach with the album, as it is not compiled as expected with track by track variations, but rather it is in a mixed form. With this format, he brings his listeners as close as possible to the dancefloor and proves once again that he can sense the best time in a club. “The PEAKTIME in a club is when the biggest activity happens, and that is what I stand for with my sound in the way I perform and celebrate with the crowd. It is the time and the ambience that I like the most, and I want to relay that in a form of music for the people.“

This is an adventure which is shared by Falko, not just on his CD, but also live with his fans as well, from the SonneMondSterne Festival in Saalburg, the World Club Dome in Frankfurt, and the Pacha Hotel in Ibiza, just to name a few. Many tour gigs have already been set at the beginning of summer. Falko added “I’m really looking forward to the tour because it my first ever album tour. Therefore, it’s a completly new experience that is really exiting with many surprises and live inputs which I’ve planned for my fans.“

The album, PEAKTIME by Falko Niestolik, will be released via CD and digital format on WePlay Music on the 2nd of May 2014.

Label: WePlay Music / EDEL
Artist: Falko Niestolik
Year : 2nd of May 2014
Collaborations & Remixes: Jean Elan, BK Duke, Dohr & Mangold, Madfish, Filip Riva & Toni Del Gardo, Tony Romera, Laserkraft 3D, Maison & Dragon

Official minimix: http://bit.ly/1gWXRzT

Tracklist :

1. Falko Niestolik feat. Jason Caesar - The Light 2014 (Falko Niestolik 2014 Anthem Mix)
2. Falko Niestolik – Peaktime ( Original Mix )
3. Falko Niestolik feat. Deborah Lee - In My Arms (Album Mix)
4. Falko Niestolik - Go (Original Short Edit)
5. Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - Guns & Girls (Original Album Mix)
6. Falko Niestolik - Flash (Short Mix)
7. Dohr & Mangold vs. Falko Niestolik - Noise Original Mix)
8. Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - MTF (Album Mix)
9. Falko Niestolik - Banger (Album Mix)
10. Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - Smoker (Album Mix)
11. Falko Niestolik & Jean Elan - The Bass (Original Radio Mix)
12. Falko Niestolik & Madfish - Rubin (Alternative Radio Mix)
13. Falko Niestolik & Madfish - Jump (Instrumental Short Mix)
14. Falko Niestolik feat. Jason Caesar - The Light 2014 ( Maison & Dragen Mix )
15. Falko Niestolik & BK Duke - Guns & Girls (Laserkraft 3D Album Remix)
16. Falko Niestolik feat. Jason Caesar - The Light 2014 (Filip Riva & Toni Del Gardo Remix)
17. Falko Niestolik - Banger (Tony Romera Mix)

PEAKTIME Tourstops

11. April // Village Club // Stuttgart // Germany
25. April // Airport // Würzburg // Germany
26. April // Das Stue // Berlin // Germany
09. May // Dots 21 // Vienna // Austria
10. May // Five // Linz // Austria
22. May // Ocean Beat Boat // Ibiza // Spain
23. May // Pacha (Hotel) // Ibiza // Spain
24. May // Tantra // Ibiza // Spain
01. June // World Club Dome // Frankfurt // Germany
05. July // Ruhr in Love // Oberhausen // Germany
09. August // SonneMondSterne // Saalburg // Germany