Felix Kröcher - The Live Collection DVD

Felix Kröcher - a name is running the techno scene.
Since his appearance and breakthrough at Nature One 2005 he is dealed as the most ambitious Newcomer of the scene.

Not without a reason- Ravelines´yearly Voting 2006 is proofing that he´s right:

#1 – Newcomer
#2 – Best National DJ
#3 – Best Mix Compilation

No matter if it was Mayday, Nature One, Wire or Love Parade, there wasn´t any international Top Event in 2006 on which he didn´t rock the crowd.
Felix Kröcher stands for TECHNO - the music he presents every week to his fans all around the world with a perfect combination of Devotion, Passion and Entertainment.

2007 will be another important step in Felix career.

In March his own Lable FK-Recordings was released, from May on he will host his own monthly eventseries at the legendary U60311 in Frankfurt and with his
DVD "The Live Collection" he is to set another blowoff and will revive those festivals he spent with you.

On the DVD you will find his complete Sets of his legendary appearances at Nature One and the Loveparade 2006, as well as bonusmaterial from his show on the floats of Nature One and the U60311.
Be ready for a visual and acoustic firework featuring Tracks by DJ Rush, Robert Naturs, Sven Wittekind, Matt M.Maddox and Felix himself,of course!

To the official Release on June, 01st 2007 there will be a DVD-Tour from May to July with dates in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Croatia, Poland and many Club Gigs in Germany, off course.