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Origin - Germany

Booking - GAS

Germany - Austria - Switzerland

Andre Tanneberger is an artist, musician, producer and DJ most people know as ATB. For more than20 years, he has been at the top of the international DJ charts(DJ MAG 2022Pos. #42)and his songs have beenplayed billions of times all around the globe.The BRIT-awards nominated artist is considered a pioneerand by now a legend of the international electronic music scene.

Having produced a total of ten albums to date, the reissue of "Your Love (9 PM)," which he produced with Topic and A7S, has become THE big summer hit of 2021 around the globe. It has already been streamed more than 600million times on Spotify alone, reaching gold status in twelve countries,including Germany,platinum in England,Australia,Russia, Italy and Switzerland, and double platinum in Ireland. The track was one of the most played songs on the radio worldwide in 2021 and reached #1 in the German radio chartsand #1 in the US Dance Charts.

Over 20 years ago, ATB's original version of "9 PM (Till I Come)" was the first dance song "Made in Germany" to crack the #1 spot in the UK charts (after Nena's hit song "99 Red Balloons", the second singlefrom Germany at the top of the British charts) and was awarded platinum in many countries. Tannenberger says"I simply noticed that everyone still goes crazy when the first guitar notes of the song are played. So,the idea came up to simply revive this sound for the current generation. Then I got Topic and A7S on board -it was an instant hit. And the fact that the song is now going through the roof worldwide is simply phenomenal."

Besides Your Love (9PM) and thefollow up single “Like Thate, ATB has also launched his EP series ATB THE DJin which ATB releases the music for his fans of the first hour. To which you dance even when the clubs are closed. That beams you emotionally into another world. Suitable to escape the everyday life.And Vol. 01 was just the beginning.

When he is not in the studio, André Tanneberger performs as a DJ on the world's greatest stages. For example, he was the resident DJ at the legendary Marquee Club in Las Vegas for five years. More than 120,000 fans danced to his sets at EDC in Las Vegas or at "Rock in Rio". With such asuccess story, he easily joins the ranks of German TOP DJs like ZEDD, Robin Schulz or Felix Jaehn. In Asia, South America and Eastern Europe, and especially in the USA, the German club musician is considered a superstar. "For the last 20 years, I've constantly been on the road or on tour and had the plan to take a break anyway. And the pandemic forced me to make that decision at very short notice. SinceI became the father of myson last year, it also benefited me a bit."

Of course, André also hopes that concerts and performances will soon be possible again: People are made for closeness, not for distance, whichunfortunately isthe current due to Covid. People want to dance and celebrate with each other in full freedom." A little fun fact on the side: you will never find André Tanneberger himself on the dance floor. "Dancing is absolutely not mine. ”He was introduced to music by hisgrandmother's zitheras a young boy. At the age of 14, he learned to play the guitar. Then, at 16, he landed on the keyboard. He uses his repertoire not only for his compositions. Heather Nova or Enigma arejust a few of the artists Tanneberger has worked with. DJ colleagues such as Armin van Buuren and Tiesto are also in lovewith his music. In the meantime, he can call 25 times platinum and 35 times gold his own."I like to look ahead. Sure,I'm happy that the current songs are going so well right now, but mentally I'm already thinking about new projects. In this profession, one should above all recognizeone's own unimportance. When people dance to my songs, they do it because of the music and not because they love me -André -or something. But the last decades have also left their marks: "Sevenyears ago, I went through a difficult time, had to deal with anxiety. And that's when I learned how important structure is for a person.

I now have brand-new studios in downtown Bochum and no longer at home. I try to be there at a relatively fixed time to work -and in the evenings I want to be home to put our little one to bed and enjoy time together with my wife. The DJ life is not necessarily healthy -you sleep irregularly, are out at night and often have to deal with jet lag. After all, Monday is still called ‘DJ Sunday’." He is still grounded even after all his success: "Some people in the scene spent their moneyon private jets and other materialistic things-that was never my thing. Money was never my motivation either. There will always be people who have a 40-metre yacht, who then want an 80-metre yacht, but that doesn't make them happy.”And he is also relaxed about the pressureof having to keep up with the young people onthe social networks. "Of course, our current song is heard a lot by very young people, which makes me personally very happy. But that doesn't mean I have to dance around in funny videos on social media like others. It's probably also due to my age. I am aware that this is the new way to keep in touch with your fans. But not at any price. For me, there is often a lack of seriousness, far too many people pretend to besomeone they are noton these channels. I think the more youshare with your follower on these platforms, the less interesting you become for fans. Especially in the music industry, you need this magic and imagination, because every fan creates their own image of their favorite artists in their head.If you then post 24 hours from your life, the more disenchantingthis image will bein the long run."André Tanneberger doesn't havethatmuch time for social media anyway. A completely new album is due in 2024. His new single "Highs and lows" together with Au/Ra and YORK was the first release in 2023, followed by “THAT FEELING”a club and festival banger together with the Canadian talent TRAVYP. And there is more to come...Gigsaround the world are already being planned. The way it should be for someone who simply lives and loves music. You’ll find all news and information at ATBs Website, on Instagramor Facebook. If you haven't heard the current summer hit yet or just want to listen to it again, just click here. Enjoy!